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Fascinated by the labour intensity of hand fabrication and the elements of chemistry involved in the ancient art of goldsmithing, Rhona Law brings detailed craftsmanship and fearless creativity to her work that results in refined custom pieces and three-dimensional works of art. Inspired by the natural properties of materials, aesthetics of geometry, and social position of functional design, Rhona's training and experience as a custom goldsmith allows for a combination of traditional metalsmithing techniques and contemporary aesthetic.


Originally from Oban, on the west coast of Scotland (An t-Òban in Scots-Gaelic meaning “Little Bay”), Rhona first moved to Glasgow in 2002 to study Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at Glasgow School of Art. Upon graduating in 2006 with a BA (Hons) degree, she began her career as a bench jeweller in Glasgow’s Merchant City at a bespoke studio started by a fellow GSA grad.


In 2009, Rhona made the leap to the west coast of Canada where she honed her skills as a goldsmith for several years. In Vancouver, she divided her time between working for prominent local jewellers as a goldsmith, collaborating with fellow artists in the Vancouver Metal Arts Association (VMMA), and exhibiting her designs in gallery spaces.


In 2015, Rhona returned to Scotland after being accepted into the Artist in Residence programme at Glasgow School of Art. Life on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts have greatly influenced her work: nature and industry surviving side by side – growth and decay – these elements provide a constant source of inspiration. Her collections and one-off pieces explore combinations of shape, colour, and material, using gold, sterling silver, and found materials. 


Rhona currently lives and works in the West End of Glasgow.


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